Monday, 8 August 2011

Preliminary Task- Editing.

When it came to editing I was hoping I would be able to develop these skills, as I hadn't been very involved in the filming process. However, because of of my reduced involvement and the way that roles were distributed I was in a weaker position to edit the final piece, being unfamiliar with the shots etc. This makes working as individuals at a later date a little less daunting, as we will all have the opportunity to experiment.

I think that the final edit is very accurate and effective! The precision of the editing and lip syncing is a difficult task but our version looks very similar to the real thing!

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Filming- The Performance Scene.

We decided to limit the amount of people directing and filming this scene to avoid the trouble we had whilst filming the school scene. Three people directed and filmed the performance scenes whilst four performed as the band.

We decided to film this scene in the school's drama studio which resulted in a very similar look of location to the original video. The whole room is painted black, just like the set in the Paramore video, and conveniently has stage lighting which was put to good use! 

Again we put thought into the mise-en-scene and tried to closely match the costumes, instruments and backgrounds to the original video (e.g. Alice G and Leah made signs on black sugar paper to re-create a similar look to the walls in the video).

Crucial shots were filmed separately to make our version as close to the original as possible. The rest of the shots were filmed several times in order to capture various different angles etc. which would be useful when it came to editing!