Monday, 14 November 2011

First day of filming!

Today was my first day of filming! Alice agreed to film during our free periods so we had 2 hours of solid filming! I decided to start off in the photography studio with some basic shots to get both myself and my actress a bit more confident with the lyrics and rhythm etc. and the space and lighting around us! I managed to achieve a pink effect, similar to the Pussy Cat Dolls music video which had inspired me, by adding coloured filters to the lights! This is shown really effectively in my footage and makes the location appear a lot more interesting! I plan to either repeat this or maybe even add different colours for each different costume?! I filmed Alice lip syncing to the beginning of the song and the chorus several different times, capturing her from different angles and positions. I found that filming an extreme close up of her lips was really effective! I plan to maybe film her singing the whole of the lyrics with this effect so that I can add it in at various intervals! I only filmed her in one of the costumes today, but I am really pleased with the outcome of my footage and ready to crack on!

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