Wednesday, 2 November 2011


After researching album covers, I had a clear idea of how I wanted my digipak front cover to look. As I am also going to be designing a magazine advert to promote my artists album I figured that I would use the same/similar photos that I use for the digipak, this will be beneficial as it will help make the artist (who isn't very well known) more recognisable, as familiar pictures would be seen in various different places! I had also found this to be a trend for female R&B artists whilst researching for the ancillary tasks.  
I decided to shoot some photo's in the school's photography studio, where I will be filming the majority of my music video, that would be appropriate for both my digipak and magazine advert. I bared in mind the research I had done previously, which allowed me to figure out which angles I needed to shoot from and positons for the artist etc. Alice, my actress, has a friend who is very talented when it comes to makeup! She kindly agreed to do Alice's makeup for the photoshoot, and helped me to achieve a makeup look inspired by R&B artists! I now have picked up a few tips and tricks and feel confident about doing Alice's makeup when it comes to filming!

I was really pleased with the outcome of my photo's, however some of the full shot (long shot/medium close ups) made Alice look a bit more 'Rocker-chick' rather than an R&B artist which is the look I need to achieve! The outfit i chose to use is one that I am planning to use in the music video, I found this to be quite a popular style for R&B artists, but i think the red lips gave her the wrong look. I have learnt from this and know now not to include the red lips when filming! On the other hand, the extreme close ups of Alice's face are really effetcive! They are similar to the examples I found of R&B artists and with a bit of editing etc. I feel they will work really well for my ancillary tasks!

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