Friday, 28 October 2011

Album cover research!

As I have chosen to design a digipak for one of my ancillary tasks, I decided to research into other female R&B artist's album covers, in order to get some inspiration and make my digipak as authentic as possible!

From my research I have found that close ups of the artists face is very common, I particularly liked 'Loud' by Rhianna 'Here I Am' by Kelly Rowland and Alexis Jordan's. I am partial to the extreme close up of the face and the large, clear font of either/both the artists name and album name! However I also really like Jennifer Lopez's 'Como ama una mujer' I really like how the artist's name and album name is written slanted and diagonally down the side, this makes the cover a bit more interesting and different!    
I am really keen to create something similar and plan to shoot some photos to create a comparable and accurate effect! Depending on how my shoot turns out will determine the style of album cover that stimulates my ideas.       

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