Monday, 10 October 2011

Location Inspiration- Bedroom.

I want to include at least two locations in my music video. I decided to do a little research into other music videos, performed by artists similar to mine.
The 'bedroom scene' appears to be very popular! And I particularly like the idea of using the vanity/mirror, filming the actress's reflection!

I found inspiration from three different music video's. Beyonce- Irreplaceable, which has previously caught my attention. Maria Carey- We Belong Together, and Rhianna- Unfaithful. (All shown above) This appears to be a trend within female R&B artists music videos, therefore it would be both appropriate and relevant to incorporate it into my own. 

I have dressing table in my bedroom which I think could work quite well! I need to decided whether it would be more effective shooting in daylight or at night time as it is positioned in front or my window. 
I also like the idea of using an armchair, this would allow the footage to be a little more interesting, as although the actress will be in the same room, she would be in a slightly different location. 

I was inspired by R&B artist Shontelle's music video, T-Shirt. I really like the way she is giving a direct approach, I intend to use this technique throughout my video and this could be an appropriate setting for it! I conveniently have an armchair in my bedroom, which I think could be used to re-create this setting!

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