Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Mise en Scene- Hair and makeup research!

As my actress will be wearing five different outfits, I will need to create five different hair and makeup looks, which will contribute to making my footage more interesting.
I came across the female R&B artist Fergie and her music video 'Glamorous' which helps to back up my idea. Throughout this video she changes outfits numerous times, along with her hair style and makeup. Although not all of her costumes are similar to the ones that I have chosen, I have taken a lot of inspiration and ideas from her music video. 

The first two costumes are formal dresses, in the shots where these are worn I will need to incorporate an apropriate hair and makeup look which will fit the style of an R&B artist. I decided to do some more research on this style and the artists wearing formal dresses in their music video's tended to have a 'loosley curled' hair and quite dramatic makeup. I particularly like this look from Leona Lewis's music video 'Bleeding Love' and hope to re-create something similar for my artist (actress.)

The next look is more casual, and involves black high-wasted skinny jeans and lace. When researching costume, the two R&B artists i came across who were sporting this look (Pixie Lott and Alexandra Burke) both had straight hair with reasonably dramatic makeup. My next step was to find more examples of this look featured in R&B music videos, to give me a little more inspiration!
I really like the hair and makeup combo that Nicole Scherzinger is sporting in the Pussy Cat Dolls video to 'I hate this part'. The makeup is minimal compared to the previous look and the hair (although extremely long) is similar to what I am hoping to achieve!

The last two outfits our very casual, and will both involve minimal makeup, which is what i have found whilst researching costume. I have also found that when R&B artists wear the 'vest top and jeans' outfit or the 'leather jacket' their hair tends to be up, or un-styled. I will most likely keep the makeup the same for both outfits, but perhaps change the hairstyles to keep my footage as interesting as possible! Whilst researching, I found a couple of hair and makeup styles that inspired me! The 'Fishtail braid' seems to be a very popular trend for female R&B artists. Fergie, Leona Lewis, Rhianna, Jennifer Hudson, Cheryl Cole and Alisha Dixon or all R&B artists which have sported this look, therefore I know that this would be an accurate style to use in my music video! 

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