Saturday, 1 October 2011

Mise en scene Research- costume!

Female Actress
I decided to do some research on R&B music video costumes, as I need to start thinking about collecting outfits for my actress to wear! It is crucial for me to get the costume accurate to make my music video look realistic!  

As I watched various music video's by female R&B artists i noticed four different attire's which i would like to include in my own music video!

The 'formal dress' was a recurring outfit in each music video I watched! I have a couple of dresses, and so does Alice, similar to these, so they will not be a problem to get hold of!   

The 'Leather Look' is also a popular choice for female R&B artists! As the latest music video's include this style, I feel it vital to incorporate it into my music video, to make it look all the more accurate!

The 'Casual Look' is also very common. Many current artists such as Alexis Jordan sport this trend! This should be really easy to put together, as all we will need is a plain vest top, distressed jeans, and perhaps some heals?

A less popular look is the 'Lace Look'. However current R&B artists such as Pixie Lott and Alexandra Burke have worn this look in their music video's and I really like it! I own lace outfits so this is a bonus!
Now that i know the styles of costume I want to include in my music video, i just need to collect together some items to create the outfits!

Male Actor

i want to keep the males costume simple, just like his role. I think either a white or Black plain T-shirt and Jeans would work best! And I am sure that Luke already owns these items of clothing!

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