Friday, 14 October 2011

Music Video Inspiration

During today's lesson a concern was raised about my prime location- The studio. As a lot of students will be using the school's photography studio in their videos, I feel the need to make it look unique and perhaps altered slightly, considering the majority of my footage will be taken in this location. 
I came across this music video by the former R&B girl band, The Pussycat Dolls- 'I don't need a man'. 
I am aware That this involves more than one artist, but it does predominantly concentrate on the main singer Nicole Scherzinger. I really like how the footage has been edited, the beat of the song is very quick and the editing meets the speed! The shot changes are very fast, and the footage has been edited with various tools such as a 'grainy effect' and also black and white.

I also really like the zooms throughout this video, and feel that this allows a lot more movement to the footage, without literally moving the camera. Although I will be doing this, I am inspired that I can also create movement when filming on the tripod (when it comes to editing.) These zooms are really fast creating a relationship between the music and the visuals (Goodwin's theory)

It also seems that certain shots have been cropped slightly during editing?

The whole video is shot in the same location, but adding these zooms and crops (along with the fast jump cuts and props!) makes it a lot more interesting! I really want to include a lot of these ideas in my own music video, although my track doesn't have quite as fast of a beat, i feel that i could work around the song and re-create these filming/editing techniques to fit the track  am using! I would also like to try changing the background colour, this could also make my video look different to others who are using the same location!

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