Thursday, 29 September 2011

Female Artist- Actress. And Male Role!

When choosing an Actress to feature in my music video there were a lot of things that i needed to consider.

  • It would be useful for them to be a member of my school, as the majority of my video will be filmed in the school's photography studio!
  • They need to be confident.
  • Be willing to stay after school to film
  • They need to have rhythm and the ability to lip sync.
  • Generally fit the part of an R&B artist.

My friend Alice has agreed to take on the role! I am aware that the typical R&B artist is black, but I am confident that I can choreograph Alice well enough to fit the role! She conveniently took Drama at GCSE and AS level, and is a confident person with both singing and dancing experience. 
We both have the exact same school timetable, therefore we will be able to film during our free period's and after school! She has also agreed to be dressed in various costumes and wear suitable makeup, in order to have an R&B artists appearance! 

Alice's boyfriend, Luke, has kindly taken on the male role for my music video! The male will not make very many appearances throughout the video, as the focus will be predominantly on the female artist, but I know that these two will be comfortable acting beside one another! 

Now I just need to get my storyboard checked over with the pair, so they are aware of my plans for the shoots!!

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