Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Concept, Narrative or Performance?

As we will soon be making as start on our main task I have decided to look into the different types of music videos, to get an idea of what genre I would favor when it comes to choosing our tracks!

Concept music videos are most often quite surreal. They are based around some sort of concept (idea). There is no set genre who use this idea for their music videos, but this type of music video is usually quite eccentric, so artists with contemporary, unusual music find this method applicable. 
Example- Gorillaz 'Feel Good inc'

Narrative music videos are a popular choice for the R&B genre. It contains a story which most often relates to the lyrics of the song. (Goodwin's theory: There is a link between lyrics and visuals) This can contain the artist of the song, but often uses other actors. 
Example- Eminem  'Love The Way You Lie ft. Rihanna'

This type of music video quite simply shows the artist/band performing their 
song, this is most often on stage, but could be shot anywhere. The Rock 
genre predominantly chose this style but like the concept music video, it has 
no set genre.
Example- Kiss 'Rock 'n Roll all night'

After researching different types of music videos, I think I can identify Narrative as my favorite. I think this is because it includes my favorite music genre. I like the idea of having some sort of relationship between the lyrics and the visuals, and perhaps also the music and the visuals? Therefore when it comes to choosing my track I will be looking out for an R&B style genre, with interesting lyrics and beats!!

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