Friday, 23 September 2011

Record Labels?

In order to choose the appropriate record label for my track, I have been researching various R&B artists to find out who they are signed by.


Rihanna was originally marketed as a reggae singer since she burst into the music scene in 2005, with styles of pop, R&B and dancehall. Her music includes various styles of musical genres, including contemporary R&B, dance-pop and the Caribbean music styles of reggae and dancehall. She is signed by, Def Jam, SRP and Roc Nation. As Rhianna's music has a similar style to my track, I will definitely be looking into these record labels to see if they would be relavant for my Artist!   
Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez's music includes two different styles of musical genres R&B and Pop. 'J-Lo' is is signed by two record companies: Epic Records and Island Records. As I have looked at her work previously  and it relates to my track, I will be looking at these record labels as I think they could be relevant for my track.  

Leona Lewis

Similarly, Leona Lewis' music includes both Pop and R&B genres. Her music is very similar to my track, although she started off by singing 'Pop' songs after winning the X factor, she has gradually fallen into the R&B style of musical genre. Her latest music is comparable to my track, therefore choosing a record company that she is signed by could be relevant. She is signed by both Syco music (simco Limited) and J Records. Syco music predominantly signs artists associated with talent shows such as X factor and Britain's Got Talent- hence why Leona started off with them! Therefore this wouldn't really be very significant for the artist of my track, but I will definitely be looking into J Records! 

In the slide share below, i have presented my research on Record Labels, and come to a conclusion for the most ideal Record Label to sign my artist!!

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  1. This is great Georgina. Thorough research and you justify your choice well in relation to your artist. This will work so well with your Ancillary Tasks