Monday, 26 September 2011

Location Inspiration- Studio.

I recently came across this music video to Madonna's song (featuring Pharrell) "Give It To Me". Although her musical style is more of a dance/pop genre, I picked up a lot of ideas for my studio location that I plan to include in my music video. 

I love the white background, it is exactly the kind of thing I am aiming for! I particularly like how there are various different angles of Madonna in this location, and how jumpcuts are used between each of them. Below is an example of how we see a close up of Madonna, then the movement of her feet to a long shot of her moving 'rhythmically'- it doesn't seem to be a choreographed dance which is also what I am aiming for. She is moving to the beat of the song! (Relationship between Music and Visuals- Godwin's theory) 

I also like the split screens featured in the video. I found a similar idea earlier on in my research in Alexis Jordan's music video "Good Girl". I think these are also really effective and plan to re-create them fitting into my own music video!

I will definitley be taking my inspiration from this music video and putting it to good use in my planning!

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