Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Now that we have all been assigned our tracks, I decided to kick off my research and planning with a survey, in order to get some feedback on what others see when they watch R&B music video's. I asked some fellow classmates and friends "What do you see when you watch an R&B music video, performed by a female artist?" and these are my most popular results.

"objectification" - This was a very popular result. A lot of people said that they tend to see female R&B artists being objectified in their music videos. Wearing very little clothing, dancing obscurely with the camera focusing on particular parts of their bodies (e.g midriff, chest, legs etc.) A strong example was Christina aguilera's music video "dirrty" Which shows young Aguilera being objectified.   

"heartbreak"- A few others said that female R&B singers tend to sing about breakups. They will either be sad about an ending of a relationship, or the complete opposite, and have a "diva attitude" towards there unloving, most commonly cheating ex lovers.  

"dance routines"- This was a common answer, and many said that the majority of R&B music videos (performed by females) will incorporate some kind of choreographed dance, most commonly the female will be surrounded by muscly male dancers. 

"narrative" - Some people said that this genre of music videos will tend to contain some sort of narrative with a story line which fits the lyrics (Goodwin's theory- Relationship between the lyrics and the visuals) 

I found it really helpful carrying out this survey, and It has given me some initiative on how to start planning my own production. I plan to keep coming back to this original feedback in order to make my response as accurate as possible!

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