Thursday, 8 December 2011

Ancillary task Shoot!

Today I took photo's for my new digipak and magazine advert. I printed out a variety of examples of R&B artists album covers so that I could have a clear idea of how to take the shots, and the makeup and hair styles which would be most appropriate in order to achieve the 'R&B look.' 

The artists in these examples tended to have quite dramatic makeup, with neutral colours. I tried my best to achieve a similar look and I am rather pleased with the overall outcome! The hairstyles in the album covers that I took a particular liking to were quite curly and voluminous. Lauren already has quite curly hair with a lot of volume! So I didn't have to style it that much. I took a lot of head-on extreme close up shots of Lauren, aiming to achieve a similar style the examples I had found. I took shots on both a white and black background, as the backgrounds varied on the examples, and I wasn't sure which would be most effective. I wanted to have a lot of images to choose from when it came to putting my digipak together!  

The two examples I followed!

A few of my own shots!

I then went onto taking various different shots for my magazine advert. I decided to take shots with Lauren wearing all of the different dresses, as during my last edit, I was unhappy with the outcome as the outfit didn't fit the R&B genre, and I didn't want to find myself in this situation again! I took a lot of shots so I would have many to test when it came to editing! I took many medium shots of Lauren's whole body, as I found this really effective previously! 

A few magazine advert shots!

I also took a couple more shots in positions which I had found to be successful from my previous shoot. I decided to photograph these with Lauren in the lace dress as this is a style that I have found to be currently popular for female R&B artists, and successfully fits the genre of my track. (see costume research post) I thought that these could be incorporated into my digipak!

Digipak photos

I attempted to shoot some footage today, but everything that could possibly go wrong, went wrong. Firstly, the (only) plug socket in the photography studio has blown, and therefore none of the lights could be plugged in (hence the photos being slightly-less high quality than my previous photo shoots, but this can be manipulated on photoshop.) After taking all of my photos I decided that I would try filming, although the lights weren't in use, as it was better than having nothing! However when I started to play my track, the wrong song had been downloaded! I ran out of time, and therefore myself and Lauren have decided to film tomorrow (Friday 9th) during my double media lesson and her free periods! I have decided to use a long extension lead (plugged in from another classroom) so I will be able to use the studio lights!

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