Wednesday, 28 December 2011

The making of my digipak!

After completing my magazine advert, I knew that I had to include images of Lauren in the lace dress on my digipak in order to obtain continuity. I already knew that I wanted to use the same image that I had used for my magazine advert inside my digipak. After researching digipak's see here I decided that I wanted to re-create a design similar to Rhianna's for her album 'Loud'. It was a 6 panel digipak for 2 CD's, as my own design would be constructed for just 1 CD, I wanted to place the CD in the centre panel.

I found a template online which I thought would be suitable for my design. I opened the template into Photoshop and began editing! I started with the album cover. 
When researching album covers see here I found that the majority of female R&B artists had a close up, head shot image of themselves with the artist/album name clearly and boldly stated. I wanted to create something similar and chose an image which I thought successfully showed authenticity, and made sure that Lauren was wearing the same outfit as she was in the magazine advert as planned. I used the 'spotlight tool' in order to create a more interesting effect, rather than simply having the image plodded on the front cover and I had found that a lot of the album covers I had come across whilst researching were quite dark and contrasted. I then added the Self Titled album name, using the same font as the magazine advert for continuity, but used the 'Gradient tool' on the text to make it more visible in lighter/darker areas of the picture as well as for a more interesting effect. 
I then Started to add the image that I had used for my magazine advertisement onto the three inside panels. This was a really tricky step, as I found it really difficult to line up the images in each box, as my template had separate boxes for each panel I thought it would be quite effective to separate the image rather than linking the panels together! Eventually I managed to fit the image into the three boxes, I particularly liked the effect of the heels against the wall, which meant there wasn't much room for the artists head to be in frame, but I feel that this is actually quite effective!
I then reduced the opacity of the image in the centre layer, and began to erase in appropriate areas, this meant that the template for the CD disk could be visible! 
I then started to edit the back cover, I chose  to use a long, full shot of Lauren (again in the lace dress) and placed it to the right hand side of the panel, leaving space for the track numbers. I made the panel a neutral colour, similar to the rest of the panels to keep up the continuity of the overall design. 

I then made up some track names which were similar to other R&B artists songs following the diva attitude, and heartbreak theme of the track that I am using for my music video. I chose to list 14 plus a bonus track in total, as I found this to be popular for female R&B artists, such a Rhianna with her album 'Loud.'  I used the font 'Calibri' which is very simple, avoiding business, as the back cover will need to hold a lot of text!
I also took the bar code image from this particular album cover and added it to the back cover panel of my digipak. 
I then Made up some small print text to add to my digipak. Album covers include text displaying who the album is produced, distributed and manufactured by etc. I researched and copied from my own CDs adding information which was relevant to the record label I had chosen previously see here I added this detail to make my digipak as accurate as I could. 
My small print text:
℗2011 *Produced by Carl Sturken and Evan Rodgers ∙ *Marketed by SRP music group ∙ * The copyright in this sound recording is owned by SRP music group ∙ *This label copy information is the subject of copyright protection ∙ * All rights reserved ∙ ©2011 SRP music group ∙ * Published by SRP music group ∙ * Printed in the EU ∙ 7243 5 40504 2 8 ∙ UK ∙ 540 5042 ∙ F:PM 520 ∙ * Place of manufacture EU ∙ * Marketed and Distributed by SRP music group ∙

I also added the logo for my chosen record label to make my digipak as authentic as possible. 

My final step was to edit the left cover. The left cover Of Rhianna's digipak which I have been following for inspiration displays a close up image of the artist wearing the same costume, hair and make up style as she is on the front cover. I decided to look through the images that I had taken of Lauren during the photo shoot of her wearing the lace dress, and see if there was an appropriate image for this particular panel. I wanted to include either a close-up image or mid-shot in order to obtain the accuracy of the overall design! 
I found an image of Lauren sat on the stool which is featured in the image of her lying down, This is a full shot of Lauren, But this seemed to be the most effective design, rather than another close up. I increased the contrast levels, and decreased the saturation levels in order to make the image blend in with the rest of the design. 

I am really pleased with the overall design of my digipak and feel that it is very authentic to the R&B genre and accurately shows the appropriate style of a digipak, including all of the relevant information. It also links well with my magazine advert which helps to promote brand recognition!

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