Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Re-doing my magazine advert!

As I have made a lot of changes to my coursework, changing the actress and costumes etc. (plus I was unhappy with my previous attempt) I needed to make a new magazine advert, in order for my ancillary tasks and music video to have continuity! My last magazine advert see here made the artist look 'rocker-chick' rather than 'R&B' which is the style that I aiming for, therefore during my latest photo shoot I took into consideration what hair, make-up and outfit style would be most authentic for the genre I am concentrating on.
I also want the artist to be wearing the same outfit on both the magazine advert image and the images included on the digipak, to ensure brand recognition. Therefore I needed to find the most effective images for both tasks with the actress in the same costume and hair/make up style etc. 
I was really pleased with the outcome of the images taken of Lauren in the lace dress. I feel that the costume is really authentic and I want to include it throughout the music video. I particularly like the following image, and plan to use it on the inside of the digipak. I used tools such as 'the curves tool' to edit this photo and also increased the contrast levels to achieve this effect. 

To obtain continuity I really want to use this image for my magazine advert, this will mean having a landscape design rather than portrait, but I feel that this will be more eye-catching and make the advert more recognisable! I planned for this image to be the majority of the advert, and add relevant text in the spaces around the artist! 
I started by adding the artist's name, as the album is self titled I used this text for both the artists name and album name. I chose a simple font 'Mongolian Baiti' as during my previous attempt I found choosing a font very difficult, and the more fancy fonts made the overall design look a bit tacky. 

As the album is self titled, I needed to successfully show what the the advert was promoting. I therefore decided to add some information on the track that I am using for my music video (using the same font) which helps to show that it is an album being advertised. 

Carrying on with this, I also added a release date for the album, showing where it is available, I chose a green bold font which I felt linked with the dress. I chose iTunes as the provider as I found this to be popular for other R&B artists (e.g. Rhianna) I particularly liked how on this advertisement for Rhianna's album 'Talk that talk' there is an image of the album cover. However when I tried to re-create this on my own advert, It just looked too much and over-crowded, which spoilt the simplistic look. 

(my attempt at the small album cover image) 
I was really pleased with the font that I had used when adding a website address to my previous advertisement, therefore I decided to use the same font for my latest design and simply change the name from Alice Clark, to Lauren Mills. I think that this works really well, and differs from the simple font I have used elsewhere, without looking too much. I also lowered the opacity levels to help the text blend in subtly to the background image.  

I am really pleased with the overall design, I feel that it successfully shows the R&B genre and is much less busy than my previous design. It promotes the track which appears in my music video, and the costume will be included in both my second ancillary task (the digipak) and the music video which will help provide continuity throughout my coursework!

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