Sunday, 18 December 2011

Inspirational music video

Right at the beginning of my research and planning I produced a survey asking my fellow classmates and friends "What do you see when you watch and R&B music video, performed by a female artist?" (see here) and the most popular answer was "objectification." 
I feel that I have been concentrating so much on location and the relationship between the lyrics and the visuals (e.g. the diva attitude- female rejecting the male) that I have neglected the idea of objectification, which is very popular in R&B music videos.
In order to achieve the most accurate result, it is crucial that I include this element. Another point raised during this particular survey was "dance routines" as of yet, I have not planned to include a choreographed dance routine, however I feel that if I did, I could kill two birds with one stone, and present objectification during a routine.
I have started to look into R&B music videos which incorporate a choreographed dance routine (which is the majority of them) and feel that this particular video by R&B/Pop artist Brittany Spears- "Baby one more time" fits well with the results to my survey.
Throughout the video there are scenes of Brittany wearing a crop top and tracksuit bottoms whilst repetitively dancing to a choreographed routine. The crop top emphasizes her midriff area, and I feel that including a similar costume throughout my music video would make it really authentic to the genre. My plan is to choreograph a similar routine, and have Lauren dance whilst sporting a costume comparable to Brittany's in this music video!

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