Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Costume changes!

As the actress that I was originally using for my music video has changed, I have also needed to change the costumes that I had planned to incorporate. Since my previous costume post, I have discovered that the majority of the music videos, which are studio based, tend to include the artist wearing a variety of different dresses. Myself and Lauren have collaborated our 'dress collections' together and picked out which ones fit the R&B genre. After doing more research, I found that the following three colours/prints/styles were the most popular for female R&B artists!  

Animal Print

The animal print style appears to be very popular, particularly for the R&B artists I have been focusing on during my research and planning! Luckily, I have an animal print dress which I Lauren can wear throughout the video. And she also owns a pair of animal print high heels! 


During my previous costume research, I found lace to be a very popular choice. However the black lace made the actress look more 'Rocker-Chick' rather than R&B. I have a more colorful lace dress which I feel will help to incorporate the appropriate style, whilst also presenting the correct genre!  


Sequin dresses are really popular for female R&B artists! I plan to also incorporate this style into my music video in order to contribute towards presenting the correct elements of an R&B music video! 


Female R&B artists tend to wear rather extravagant high heels when performing in their music videos. Myself and Lauren both own a couple of particularly high heels, which will achieve a similar look to the artists that I have been focusing on! 

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