Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Planning for my NEW magazine advert

I have found it challenging to find R&B albums advertised in magazines, therefore I have chosen to stick closely to the design of my digipak. This will ensure both continuity and brand recognition. 
After being inspired by Rihanna's digipak to her album "Loud" I have decided that I want to include an image of Lauren lying across the three inside panels.

I have recently been researching, aiming to find some inspirational images of R&B artists posing in this position, and it has turned out to be quite popular for this genre! 




I particularly like how in the images of Beyonce and Rihanna, the heeled shoes have become an additional focus point. I am eager to recreate something similar for the inside panels of my digipak, and I feel that using the same image on my magazine advert could be really effective! These images seem to be landscape rather than portrait, which is something that I might consider when it comes to editing my advertisement, as this could make it more eye catching and memorable! 
My next step is to carry out a photo shoot, and I aim to capture some shots similar to the ones above. This will make my magazine advert accurate and authentic to the R&B genre as this lying down pose appears to be quite common.    

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