Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Changes to my music video!

Due to unforseen curcumstances I have had to make some drastic changes to my music video in order to meet the upcoming deadlines!
The female artist from my music video will now be performed by 'Lauren Mills.' Although this will mean altering and changing a lot of detail for my ancillary tasks, I haven't been very happy with the current designs that I have produced, and have a lot of ideas to improve the overall authenticity of my two products. Looking back at the album covers I came across whilst researching female R&B artists, I have noticed that they include an extreme close up, head on, shot of the artist. I was unsuccessful when trying to re-create something similar during my previous photo shoot, so I am aiming to achieve this during my filming session tomorrow.  

I will also want to have a long shot of the actress for my magazine advertisment, as recently whilst editing I have found this to be really effective. I want to recreate something similar to the album cover by Jennifer Hudson, where she is looking away from her name.

As the actress has changed, I will now be using the name 'Lauren Mills' instead. I intend to find a really effective font for the title of the actresses name (as her album will be self titled) I really like the simple white fonts that are featured on both Leona Lewis's and Kelly Rowland's album covers. If I could find a similar font I feel that I could make my ancillary tasks really authentic, and fit the style of my genre!

Latest Filming Ideas!

I have gone against filming a 'bedroom scene' as I feel that this will ruin the continuity of my footage, but I have come up with some new ideas to assist the continuity. After coming across Ashanti's music video- 'The Way That I Love You.' I have really likened to the idea of the 'paparazzi style' footage and photo's that are featured throughout the video. I have been concerened as to how I am going to feature the male actor throughout my music video (successfully showing that he has cheated on the female artist, as she is singing about him taking her for granted) I'd really like to include some paparazzi style photo's between my footage, using really fast edits, taking shots at different zooms etc. presenting the idea of the male actor being unfaithful towards the female actress. I feel that this will break up the footage slightly and make it more exciting, rather than the whole music video being filmed in the photography and drama studio. I have decided that I will use the screen in the drama studio to create a 'silhouette' effect of the actress, I feel that this will look really effective during the split screens that I am planning to use throughout the video, particularly at the beginning.

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